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Lucia Lapis

Lucia Lapis

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A statement ring with a beautiful stone to match! The Lucia Lapis Ring is made fair trade in Chile with pure brass and semiprecious lapis stone.  

♥Handmade with love in Chile.


Fair Anita is a social entreprise that empowers women with dignified jobs and fair trade relationships. By purchasing this product, you support the growing fair trade movement in Chile, helping marginalized workers enter the formal economy and earn fair wages. 


Artisans works primarily with natural resources like copper, brass and semi-precious stones. These materials are historically significant, because Spanish colonizers exploited Chilean natural resources for hundreds of years. Fair Anita reverses that narrative by bringing traditional copper forging techniques to the fair trade market, ensuring that the profits from local resources are invested back in the community.

  • Made from pure brass and semiprecious lapis stone.
  • Adjustable to fit.