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Ivory & Coloured Diamonds Scarf

Ivory & Coloured Diamonds Scarf

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This beautifully scarf is handwoven by Egyptian women artisans using cotton and viscose. It's ethically-produced and super comfortable – a fair trade accessory you can be proud to wear! 

♥Handmade with love in Egypt.


This scarf was handwoven by women artisans working in small cooperatives outside the capital city of Cairo. Fair Anita is a social entreprise that empowers women with dignified jobs and fair trade relationships. By purchasing this product, you support the growing fair trade movement in Egypt and help close the wage gap in the informal economy.


This scarf was woven on a handloom using Egyptian cotton and viscose. The process started by dyeing the cotton and viscose threads with natural colourful dyes, which were then spun around small handy wheels. This was followed by the lineup of the handloom threads into a geometric pattern. Egypt has a rich history of textile crafts, and this scarf represents the fusion of history and fair trade.

  • Measures 24" x 32"
  • Made from cotton and viscose.