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Bug Spray

Bug Spray

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This travel size, natural & non-toxic bug spray is a must for any summer activity. Based with witch hazel, this insect repellant is powered by organic essential oils to be a safe and effective alternative to DEET and other chemical based bug sprays. It is a non-greasy formula with a very pleasant herbal aroma. Carefully selected all natural & organic ingredients provide protection that will ward off those pesky bugs! This spray is great for kids too (3+).

♥Handmade with love in Canada.


Floraa and Fauna is a new western BC based natural product line made with tons of love by two best friends and baby Atlas. Made with simple, natural ingredients, combined in a way to provide the best possible results. Ingredients are locally sourced to continue to support local while providing local! Earthy products and effective oils make these products ones that are dreamy for the body and soul. 

  • Ingredients: Witch Hazel, water (citronella, lemongrass, melaleuca, lavender, peppermint), essential oils.
  • DEET free.
  • 2oz metal canister with spray.