Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are temporarily closing our store. Keep it safely wild and love your tribe! We'll see you soon!

Our story

Always looking for new experiences, I had the privilege to travel the world, exploring and embracing foreign cultures. My past travels have educated and shaped me to become a passionate and compassionate globe trotter, and I soon developed a strong interest for ethics.
During a volunteering trip to Morocco, I had the opportunity to work with a group of disadvantage women, deprived of education and training. Besides teaching French and English to women and their children, my main task was to provide skill-oriented training by assisting them in workshops. It was a challenging project, but I soon realized that it was the feelings of recognition, mutual respect and a desire to better ourselves that created a solidarity within which much could be accomplished.
My experiences abroad and my adventures at home in the Pacific Northwest gave me a new perspective on life and a sense of purpose. It motivated me to engage further with developing communities and continue to help others in need. I wanted to create a project where I could combine my love and compassion for others and my insatiable passion for adventures. This is why I created Wild Tribe. With this boutique, I hope to enable small artisans around the world by showcasing their handcrafted goods, and to inspire people to understand the benefits of responsible commerce, while supplying the elegant adventurer. 

This is an empowering journey with the hopes of making an impact on artisans' lives around the world, and to inspire women to feel wild, bold and beautiful. I seek to inspire hope and create change, even little may it be, and to encourage people to shop ethically and consciously.

I hope you enjoy these handmade treasures from far away places, and find inspiration in living purposefully and adventurously.