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Meeta (Sweet)

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Perfect for winter warmth and sumptuous softness, these Himalayan handkitted socks will caress and coddle your feet. Ideal to wear around the house, keeping your tootsies cozy, comfortable and stylish during those cold mornings and nights.

♥Handmade with love in India.


Fazl Socks supports children’s homes in India that care for vulnerable children and dedicates 50% of their profits to this cause. These homes are entirely run by local people, committed to loving, serving, teaching and raising the girls and boys in their care.

The social fashion brand employs women in their community who were financially struggling and possess the incredible skills necessary to create these socks. Women are provided with fair wages for their work. 

Every time you purchase a pair of Fazl Socks you are helping provide orphaned and destitute children in India with food, shelter, education, and clothing. 


These handknitted socks are rich in colour, design and warmth. The vibrant colours and the intricate designs that characterize the Himalayan handicrafts are also an expression of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the region. 

  • A blend of acrylic and nylon.


Machine or hand wash in cold water and hang to dry. Putting the socks through the dryer could alter them permanently.


Because of the handmade nature of these socks, each pair may include subtle variations in colour and pattern details from those seen in our photos. The overall colour scheme and design will remain very similar.