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Kantha Throw Sunset

Kantha Throw Sunset

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Born out of the creative imaginations of generations of Bengali women, this Sari Blanket features a hand-quilted channel stitching design, five layers of recycled sari material. Perfect for picnics, star gazing, as a car blanket or to keep you warm by the fireplace.

Handmade with love in India.


Women are the heart of Sari Bari—brave survivors of trafficking who are creating a life of freedom for themselves and their families.

Sari Bari operates with an ethos of hope and an unwavering belief in the maker’s abilities to achieve both personal freedom and sustainable economic security. This belief is demonstrated through the jobs, skills training, staff development, HIV support, housing support, debt relief programs, educational training, school support, and emotional and mental health support that Sari Bari provides for their artisan partners.

Each Sari Bari product is marked with the name of the woman who made it. Every purchase you make becomes a part of her story.  


Kantha is a Bengali word that means “old cloth.” Women in West Bengal, India, and Bangladesh have made Kantha quilts out of their worn sari’s (the traditional dress of Indian women) for hundreds of years. Much like the quilts that your own grandmother may have made, these blankets are pieces of art that are cherished for generations.

In the traditional kantha style, five layers of used saris are sewn together with a repeated running stitch to make a quilted blanket that is both functional and beautiful. Complimentary patches are applied where the fabric has torn or worn thin, adding unique beauty.

  • 100% cotton sari
  • Dimensions: 80" x 36"
  • Features 100% polyester quilting thread

Machine wash separately in cold water, tumble dry low.