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Alpaca Slippers- Snow White

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Keep your feet warm with these Alpaca fur slippers. Handmade in Peru with an outer synthetic material and lined with a luxurious baby alpaca cuff, these cozy and extremely soft slippers are ideal for relaxing indoors on a cold night.

♥Handmade with love in Peru.


In Peru, the communities that breed Alpacas live in remote areas under extreme poverty and harsh conditions. The herders practice a traditional breeding system that has been passed from father to son. The women tend and spin the wool, using weaving traditions of their ancestors. The alpaca is shorn once a year, usually in the Spring, and the fleece is used for weaving or is either sold or traded at the market. Since the Alpaca is the only animal that produces anything of value, the families who make a living from this resource depend on the animal for their survival and well-being.

By purchasing Alpaca products handmade in Peru, you maintain the economic vitality of the rural families and preserve a natural and cultural heritage.


The alpaca is a South American camelid with fine and long wool, living at 10,000ft above sea level. Due to the high altitude of its natural habitat, the Alpaca’s fiber has extremely high thermal capacity and durability. Its fleece is hypoallergenic and is lustrous, luxurious and silky.

In Peru, we count some 3 millions Alpacas, which is about 85% of its world population. The animal is recognized as a cultural symbol and has been the economic mainstay in the Andes since the Inca Empire. The animal is an integral part of everyday life in the Andean region of Peru and holds the key to helping more than 150,000 of the poorest rural families. 

  • Alpaca fur lined interior, and out synthetic material
  • Fits true to size
  • Treat with love and care

Please note that these slippers do not come with anti-slip sole. Fur and colour might slightly vary from the picture due to their handmade nature. 

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